A Leap Of Love Aboard the Train

A Leap Of Love Aboard the Train

It started with a missed train ride…

In the summer of 2017 Rob and Deanna met during a Latin dance class in Cleveland. Hitting it off, Rob took the leap and asked Deanna out. Following their first date to an Indian’s game, Rob scheduled a dinner date aboard the train. “I asked her to arrive at my home promptly at 7 p.m. on Friday…she arrived 15 minutes late,” said Rob as he recalled the date. “We leapt in my truck and I sped down towards Peninsula.” The dinner was a surprise to Deanna and upon opening the envelope with the tickets inside, both were buzzing with excitement.

As Rob neared Peninsula they were suddenly stopped by rail crossing gates coming down. Innocently, Deanna said, “Gosh, I hope this doesn’t make us late!” “This is the train we are supposed to be on,” Rob replied (noting that she turned a beautiful shade of ‘tomato red’). Once the gates were up Rob zipped into the station hopeful there might be something he could do to keep the date afloat. After snapping a photo of the map on the depot door they both had the idea to chase down the train. “I knew the train stopped for bikers when it’s flagged down, so we figured it was worth a try.”

Leaping back into the truck, Rob sped down Riverview Road and into the Indigo Lake parking lot. Deanna hopped out and ran to the station prepared to flag down the train—in high heels nonetheless. The train passed just as she reached the platform. “Poor Deanna was probably very uncertain about our future at this moment,” recalled Rob.

Not giving up, Deanna leaped back in the car and Rob continued to chase down the train. “It honestly felt like a scene from a movie. It was hilarious.” They managed to gain ground on the train catching up at Botzum while running to the platform, with their arms flailing overhead in hopes that the train would make the stop. They breathed a sigh of relief as the train came to a slow halt and the stairs unfolded in front of them. “We boarded the train laughing the entire time we made our way to our seats,” said Rob.

Finally, they were able to enjoy quality time together as planned. When the ride was coming to an end, they realized they wouldn’t be able to get to Rob’s car since the train was deboarding passengers in Peninsula. Fearing that they’d be stranded in Peninsula, a gentleman next to them offered to drive them back to Rob’s car in Botzum. It just so happened to be Joe Mazur, President & CEO of CVSR. After the couple was dropped off at their car, Rob recalled that he and Deanna spent nearly an hour sitting in the station chatting and enjoying the evening. “It was the start of something special,” said Rob.

Two years later, Rob decided it was time to ask for Deanna’s hand in marriage. Rob wanted to make the occasion special by proposing to her at a place that the two of them valued together. “Our date on the train was a particularly memorable event and it’s something we talk about repeatedly over the years,” said Rob, “The train is beautiful, serves great food and has a vintage, romantic feel. It’s such a different experience than the standard going-out-to-a-restaurant type of date.”

When Rob told Deanna of the special date he had planned in mid-June this year aboard the train she was thrilled and made sure to arrive promptly on time. Prior to the dinner, Rob coordinated with CVSR to make the moment memorable. “CVSR was extremely helpful and welcoming as always.” said Rob.

Halfway through the ride at the point where the engineer and brakeman switch engines, the train stopped at Indigo Lake. So as to not raise suspicion, the conductor—knowing of Rob’s plan—smoothly offered for Deanna and Rob to take a walk. Stepping off the train at sunset, Rob and Deanna walked along a path lined with candles which their families helped set up. Rob led Deanna to a bench with a bouquet of flowers near the water. He stopped, got down on one knee and popped the question.

Through tearful eyes and a big smile, Deanna said “Yes!” “Many folks were waving from the windows and volunteers were clapping out the train doors,” recalled Rob. “When we came back to our seats everyone clapped and congratulated us, and a bottle of champagne and a small cake was sitting on our table.”

On the way back to the station they enjoyed the rest of their dinner while reminiscing of their relationship and looking forward to their future together. “Truly, the best way to describe the entire situation is that it felt like a movie. Everything was executed flawlessly. It was a night we will not forget.”

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