ADA Dining Car Made Possible By Multiple Foundations

ADA Dining Car Made Possible By Multiple Foundations

By midsummer passengers with mobility limitations that are riding the CVSR dinner/event  excursions will be enjoying improved accommodations and expanded program options aboard the 727 ADA wheelchair accessible car.

Currently this car only provides coach seating, which limits passengers in the types of excursions they can access. Several of our more popular excursions require tables and other accommodations, including Breakfast and Dinner on the Train, Ales on Rails™ , Grape Escape and similar events. Renovations will include the installation of new tables and seating, wood walls, curtains and carpeting. This car also provides wheelchair tie-downs, to ensure that wheelchairs are safely secured.

These renovations are being made possible by the generous support of the following foundations:

  • Sisler McFawn Foundation (2018)  – $20,000
  • GAR Foundation – $20,000
  • Sisler McFawn Foundation (2019)  – $20,000
  • Lehner Family Foundation – $10,000
  • Tom E. Dailey Foundation – $1,000

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is grateful to our funding partners in ensuring greater inclusivity for people with mobility limitations!

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Lynee Bixler