All aboard for the 1940s and 50s!

All aboard for the 1940s and 50s!

Travel through time aboard no. 765! During the last two weekends in September, guests will have the chance to step aboard a time machine at Steam in the Valley. World-famous steam locomotive no. 765 will once again return to Cuyahoga Valley transporting passengers to the 1940s. This living history excursion includes a two-hour train ride with an opportunity to deboard for an exclusive photo opportunity. CVSR is encouraging guests to dress in their best 1940s and 1950s outfits. We’ve compiled a few tips and suggestions on how to look the part.

For Women

Women in the 1940’s wore A-line skirts and dresses with hemlines that hit on the knew or just below. Skirts were always worn on the waist, with the blouse tucked-in to create a smooth silhouette. When choosing a 1940s style dress, the key is in the silhouette; The top of the dress is modest, often with a collar and sleeves that were to the elbow or mid-upper arm. Gloves were also very popular and tended to match a woman’s purse, hat and shoes. Head over to Vintage Dancer’s website for 16 inspirational looks from the 1940s! Then head to your local thrift or resale store for some unique vintage finds! Find more inspiration on travel outfits from the 1940s here.

For Men

The 1940s were a time when men’s fashion simplified. Pinstripe suites dominated the decade in colors like navy blue, grey and brown. Sport coats and trousers were often paired together in the same color family, and trousers were held up with a belt or suspenders. View Vintage Dancer’s suggestions for casual and fancier outfit ideas for men here.

When it came to train travel, passengers dressed in their finest attire. The lavish furnishings and fine dining gave a sense of sophistication and class. In an article from Insider in 2017, vintage photos show how glamorous train travel was across the world.


Steam in the Valley gives you a glance into what train travel was like over 70 years ago. We give you a rare peak into vintage train travel, and with historic California Zephyr train cars you’ll feel like you really are in a time machine.  All aboard for the 1940s and 50s!

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Photos courtesy  of Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society.

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