All About Bookhouse Brewing

All About Bookhouse Brewing

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is thrilled to feature local brewery Bookhouse Brewing aboard our next Emerging Brews, presented by LA Office Solutions, on March 1! Emerging Brews, unlike Ales on Rails, provides a small and intimate setting to taste four beers and meet Bookhouse Brewing President and Co-founder Vaughn Stewart who will discuss each beer’s characteristics.

Bookhouse Brewing is a small brewery and taproom in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood, offering innovative and approachable beers and ciders in a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. One block south of Detroit Road at 1526 W 25th Street, the brewery has a historic, multi-room interior.

President and brewer Vaughn Stewart aspires to brew beers that foster community and conversation. “We want to make beers that show our passion for the eclectic, the unusual and the historical. At the same time, we also want to have something for everyone, from the casual beer fan to the hardcore beer geek. We’re all about curiosity and fun.”

What You’re Drinking

Magdelena Pilsner
5.8% ABV | 40 IBU
Named for the proprietor of the Baehr Brewery from 1873-1898, Magdalena, this classic pre-prohibition style pilsener is a window into the past of Cleveland’s brewing history. Though by historical standards it would be considered an “Export” pilsner, due to the slightly amplified alcohol content, flavor, and aroma, it bears similarity to what was being brewed at the time. Made with US 6-row barley (a version of barley that grows more readily in the US climate, which is warmer than most of Europe), American hops, and corn, this fine lager is balanced, refreshing, and moreish. Clean lager yeast, a hint of apple skin, floral and peppery hops, and a concise dry finish make for an eminently drinkable pint.

Three out of Five Gose Style Ale
4.8% ABV | 8 IBU
Let’s see, we’ve got sour, sweet, and salty, that’s three out of five! Not bad. Our interpretation of a classic Leipzig-style Gose rides a bit higher in the seat with a slightly elevated ABV than is traditional, and a lower pH (read: more acidic). Very low herbal aromatics from coriander, subtle salinity, and a grainy, biscuity finish

New Romance Czech Amber Lager
5.5 % ABV | 28 IBU
Is this love? Or simply infatuation? Our classically-influenced Czech-style lager wears its heart on its sleeve, unafraid to show smooth, rich malt sweetness, just slightly offset by herbal, slightly peppery hops. Made with toasted European malt and a super-crisp lager yeast, this is a beer almost begging to be ignored. A sweetly drinkable potion that leaves you aching for just one more sip, soft and only, lost and lonely.

Arts and Crafts Porter 
6.8% ABV | 30 IBU
A pondering on the nature of handmade things – we make all of our beer by hand, in that there is a significant amount of manual labor in the process, and yet, use modern industrial processes in a handful of ways. Is something handmade and truly creative if a machine does the work of five men? What of harnessed forces of nature, such as compressed gases or the kinetic energy stored within boiling water? This beer is designed for the contemplation of contradiction and honesty – brought from historical brewing records of the 1890s, it calls back to a time when “stout porter” simply meant “strong porter,” as is the case herein. But, in all honesty, it is entirely different from those historic beers – a more advanced understanding of microbiology and chemistry enables us to make more stable, delicious beer in a shorter period of time and with less effort. What does it mean to be “handcrafted,” to be “artistic?”

Bookhouse Brewing will be on Emerging Brews on March 1, departing from Rockside Station at 7:30 p.m.


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