Join us for our Annual Fundraiser, Honoring CVSR Founder Siegfried Buerling

Thursday, September 2

• This ole steam rattler is the bee’s knees and you won’t want to miss the action as all 404 tons of it runs by you.
• Get dolled up in your best Roaring Rags.
• Kick back and ride in style on our historic train cars. They’re the real deal and cat’s pajamas.
• Experience the luxury of vintage rail travel as you indulge in dinner on the train.
• Arrive to Fitzwater Train Yard, the perfect Speakeasy for dessert, dancin’ and misbehavin’

Proceeds from Preservation for Generations 2021 will support CVSR’s preservation fund so that future generations will be able to experience the wonder of train travel in Ohio’s only National Park.


If you are interested in attending our annual fundraiser, please complete the following response form and mail to:

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad
PO Box 158
Peninsula, OH 44264



If you would like to drive or ride in the Nickel Plate 765 Steam Locomotive consider one of our sponsor packages.

Please complete the following form.


Event Timeline

6 PM

Board at Rockside Station

6:30 PM

Departure and Dinner on the Train

8 PM

Arrive at Fitzwater Speakeasy
Dessert and Dancing
Misbehavin’ and Cigar Rollin’
Runbys of 765 and Photo Opportunites with 765

10:30 PM

Train Departs for Rockside Station