CVSR Adds Paul Revere Parlor Car to Fleet for 2017 Season

CVSR Adds Paul Revere Parlor Car to Fleet for 2017 Season

New in 2017, CVSR will be offering passengers the opportunity to travel in the Paul Revere, a historic private cafe-lounge car originally built and commissioned with the Pennsylvania Railroad, the largest railroad within the U.S. during the first half of the 20th century, operating over 10,000 miles of rail line. The Paul Revere was built in 1951 with a 29 seat parlor and 5 seat drawing room and was originally used in the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Senator and Congressional fleets out of Boston, New York City and Washington D.C. The car was later acquired by Amtrak before being purchased by a private investor in Ohio in 2006.  The car has since been rebuilt into its original cafe-lounge Pennsylvania motif.

Tickets aboard the Paul Revere can be purchased aboard any National Park Scenic Excursion, beverage/tasting train or event-themed excursion.  It is also available for private charter rentals by contacting CVSR’s Customer Service Dept. at (234) 759-0086.


Taylor Nickel

Taylor is the Marketing Manager at Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

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