CVSR Sets New Volunteer and Ridership Records

CVSR Sets New Volunteer and Ridership Records

A Message from President and CEO Joe Mazur:

“As we draw closer to the end of the 2017 season, I’d like to share exciting new records for CVSR. Volunteer hours for the third quarter of 2017 continue upward and put us on the path to a record 100,000 hours. There were 21,760 hours recorded for the third quarter and a total of 54,242 year to date.  We thank all of our volunteers who contributed their time and talent!

September ridership is also on the rise over last year with 20,206 passengers, the second highest in CVSR’s history thanks to great programming and a successful Steam event. We couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. We expect to see record numbers for October with the success of the Fall Flyer excursion.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ sold out in record time, with more than 40,000 tickets sold by the first week of October.  We are thrilled that this program continues to provide memories that will last a lifetime to tens of thousands of passengers each year. We are extremely grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who support this traditional program.

Looking forward to 2018, I am anxious to see how this organization continues to grow.”

-Joe Mazur


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