Explore Our Car That’s Just For Kids

Explore Our Car That’s Just For Kids

Our new Edu-Trainment car is an interactive, educational and fun space filled with activities for kids of all ages (and adults too). The best part is that everyone has access to the car when they’re onboard the National Park Scenic excursion (excluding the caboose).

The kids car offers family-friendly amenities, such as a quiet feeding area, a changing table and storage cubbies located at both ends. CVSR would like to issue a warning that we are not responsible if your child refuses to leave. Here’s some of the things you and you’re kids will love.

Cozy Nooks

There’s nothing like curling up and reading a good book…on a train! This car features two cushioned nooks to curl up in and spend quality time with your child. Grab a book to read or gaze out the window and take in the scenery.

Locomotive and Caboose Play Structures

All aboard! Next stop, imagination station! These kiddie-size locomotive and caboose play structures encourages pretend play and invites kids to be their own conductor.

BRIO Train Set

The center of the car boasts a slim play station with BRIO trains. Link together cars, move houses and people, and create your own world.

I Spy...

The wonder of CVNP comes to life as kids are encouraged to spot things of a certain color at the “I Spy…” wooden frame. Slide the wooden counters to mark how many times you see wildlife, cars, bridges and bikers.

Magnetic Route Map

The lower part of this wall is a magnetic map of the route which CVSR travels. Move the magnetic train down the tracks, identifying stations and Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) attractions along the way. The map provides a great visualization of where you are and what’s around you.

It’s time to ride! Climb aboard the National Park Scenic excursion for an opportunity to play in the Edu-Trainment car.


Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian. 

The Edu-Trainment Car is a part of the Powering Ahead Capital Campaign.


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