The Impact of Community Support

The Impact of Community Support

Did you know that Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization? Although we operate as a tourist attraction and provide educational experiences throughout Ohio’s only national park, CVSR operates as a not-for-profit business.

As a nonprofit organization in Northeast Ohio, we not only invite the surrounding community to climb aboard and discover the train, but also to actively partake in preserving these tangible connectors to our nation’s past.

Each train car that rolls along the 27 miles of track through Cuyahoga Valley National Park has a unique story. The cars in our possession have canvassed American history over the last century and witnessed great changes in our country.

Our train cars have hosted hundreds of thousands of riders and traveled across America’s diverse landscapes countless times before coming home to the valley. With each journey through the valley comes added wear and tear on these vintage train cars, creating a need for maintenance and upgrades.

So how can the community take part in preserving a part of this nation’s history?

The community takes part in helping us preserve the rich history of railroads by becoming a member, volunteering on or off the train, or by donating.

Every time a donation is made to the CVSR Annual Fund, that person becomes a part of the railroad’s history by prolonging our ability to maintain the fleet. Fleet preservation is more than fixing broken pipes, HVAC’s and worn-out seats.

Fleet preservation is enhancing the rider experience, improving mobility for handicap passengers, and renovating entire train cars to create spaces that replicate rail travel in the 1940’s.

Without the continuous maintenance work to our fleet, CVSR would not be able to operate.

Donations to our organization not only ensures that the train can continue to chug through Cuyahoga Valley, but that future generations can come to enjoy it in their peak condition. Your donation allows our organization to continue telling the stories of our heritage fleet for years to come.

Consider giving back today and know that you have helped someone discover CVSR tomorrow!


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