Ride and Explore with CVSR

Ride and Explore with CVSR

How does Explorer work?
Whether you are biking, kayaking, running or hiking through the park, you can flag down and board the train at any of our stations throughout the day and ride back for a one-way fee or by using your Explorer pass when you board.

What are the CVSR stations? 
CVSR has eight stations, including three main boarding stations, Rockside, Peninsula and Akron Northside. The other five stations are called Explorer Flagged stops, Canal Exploration Center, Brecksville, Boston Mill, Indigo Lake and Botzum.

What kind of ticket do I need for the Explorer program?
There are several ticket options depending on your adventure.

  • Bike Aboard | $5 one-way fee
  • Kayak Aboard | $10 for a single-seater, $15 one-way for a double-seater
  • Hike or Run Aboard | $5 one-way fee
  • Explorer Pass | $50 per person for one-way trips for biking, hiking or running, and is valid for the 2022 Explorer season (July 20 – October 31).

How do I flag down a train at an Explorer-flagged stop?
After reviewing the schedule below, you will identify the time and stations you would like to visit on your trip. Once you spot the train, you will wave both hands over your head to signal you are ready to be picked up and board the train.

Tip: Make sure to use both hands or our friendly engineers will think you are simply saying hello and waving to them.

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