Spreading Christmas Magic

Spreading Christmas Magic

For the Apanasewicz family volunteering aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is more than just a way to give back during the holiday season. It’s a cherished holiday tradition.

The idea to volunteer was sparked when Greg and Sandy Apanasewicz rode THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride with their grandsons over five years ago.

“I loved being able to see the amazement of the children with their faces against the windows,” said Sandy.

Cherishing the magic they felt on their trip to the North Pole that night Greg and Sandy eagerly signed up to volunteer aboard the train the next fall. “My husband [Greg] is a Trainman during THE POLAR EXPRESS™ and I enjoy being a server onboard the train where I have a lot of interactions with the kids,” said Sandy.

Christmas has always been a huge celebration for the Apanasewicz family and spreading the joy aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™ was an easy way to extend the holiday season. Sandy even mentioned that she will never admit there is no Santa Clause, “there is always magic in Christmas”, she said.

Greg and Sandy Apanasewicz with their daughter and grandson.

In their five years of volunteering aboard THE POLAR EXPRESS™ they’ve managed to rope in a few more family members to help lead the program including their daughter and two grandsons, who originally rode with them passengers. “I even got my 85 year-old Aunt to volunteer on the train,” recalled Sandy.

“The kids are so amazed they hug you at the end of the train and thank you,” said Sandy. “It warms your heart. This is what Christmas and the holidays is all about…magic”

We always have room for more volunteers of any age. Please come out and join us and share in the magic” -Sandy Apanasewicz


Katie Brewer

Katie Brewer

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