Be a Part of The 25th Year of THE POLAR EXPRESS™

Be a Part of The 25th Year of THE POLAR EXPRESS™

Have you ever climbed aboard for THE POLAR EXPRESS™, presented by Countertop Solutions, at Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad? Over the past 24 years the Christmas-themed train ride has become a part of many families holiday traditions, and CVSR is thrilled to be bringing the magic back for its 25th year!

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ train ride had its first run in 1994. Based on the 1985 story by Chris Van Allsburg, passengers heard a tape-recorded narration and enjoyed a fun-filled ride the the North Pole. Over the years ridership has grown, and with it the number of volunteers it takes to create a spectacular trip to the North Pole.

With over 100 volunteers each night CVSR relies on them to safely board each passenger, lead the program onboard the train, create a fun environment at the North Pole and operate the train.

Volunteers are always needed to create a festive atmosphere through personal interaction, song and techniques to engage visitors as we transport more than 40,000 passengers to the enchantment that is the North Pole! Groups and individuals are invited to volunteer on the train or at the North Pole!

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Sign up to volunteer today! 


Trainings are offered throughout October and November. All volunteers must attend at least one session. Contact Sherri Lemley at for more information.

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Katie Brewer

Katie Brewer

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad has canceled all train rides from March 13—September 30 due to COVID-19. View More Information

Memberships and gift certificates will be extended based on the number of months train rides are canceled.