Volunteers Contribute Record Number of Hours in 2016

Volunteers Contribute Record Number of Hours in 2016

CVSR volunteers contributed a record number of hours this past year. In 2016, more than 1,740 volunteers recorded over 93,000 hours of service – which is the equivalent of approximately 45 full-time employees.

This record surpasses approximately 91,000 hours of service contributed in 2015.

Sherri Lemley, manager of trustee and volunteer relations, said that the value that the volunteers add to CVSR is immeasurable.

“They are an integral part of every aspect of our organization and their support and dedication allowed us to bring quality programs to more than 214,000 passengers in 2016,” said Lemley.

In addition to providing quality service on regular train excursions and programs, CVSR volunteers go above and beyond by developing key safety initiatives and promoting CVSR and Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) at community events.

As a partner of the CVNP, CVSR submits volunteers’ hours to the park. CVSR volunteers are considered to be National Park Service volunteers and receive all privileges that are available to any NPS volunteer.

Learn more about volunteering at CVSR.

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