Your Membership Means More Than You Think…

Your Membership Means More Than You Think…

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad memberships are a key contributor to the historic preservation of aging railcars and expanding education programs. CVSR has offered membership options for guests since 2003 as a way to support the nonprofit railroad. Memberships assist CVSR in providing much needed repairs and maintenance to our historic fleet of passenger cars and locomotives and also assist in providing education programs for Cleveland and Akron area underserved children.

In 2019, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad implemented new benefits to members leading to a record high number of memberships purchased. Nearly 200 more memberships were purchased this year, leading to an all-time high of 1,913 members.

Beginning in 2019 the membership program was enhanced to include more benefits to members based on feedback. Added member benefits include

  • Members at the Brakeman level or above now receive early access to some of the most popular events including Dinner on the Train, Steam in the Valley and Fall Flyer.
  • Members at the StationMaster and Conductor level receive one Bike/Hike Aboard pass. Engineer and Saint Lucie Founder levels receive two Bike/Hike Aboard passes.
  • Lucie members get early access to 18 tickets to THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride.

“Our members are an important part of us being able to continue our mission and improving our benefits based on member feedback has been a driving factor in our recent growth,” said CVSR President & CEO Joe Mazur. “Being a member means much more than getting early access to events or free rides on the National Park Scenic excursion, it’s supporting a nonprofit that’s dedicated to education and preservation.”

In 2019 alone, CVSR will spend more than $1 million to maintain the fleet of 28 active passenger cars and six locomotives. It takes volunteers, staff and contractors to handle every challenge that is presented by the 70+ year old passenger cars and 50+ year locomotives.

“Each passenger car is like a rolling house,” said CVSR Director of Operations Tom Jaite. “They each have restrooms, kitchens, windows, electrical and heating and air conditioning. Managing this fleet is like managing 28 historic homes. Every day something needs to be repaired.”

CVSR’s education programs continues to grow. The program curriculum was developed in conjunction with the National Park Service to educate school-age children about the resources of the National Park on board the train. Curriculum and hands-on instruction are tied to Ohio’s Learning Standards for Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts and Literacy. Programs include Preschoolers in the Park’s – Deers Ears; All Aboard for Animals; Are We There Yet? – Transportation in Cuyahoga Valley National Park; and Explore the Underground Railroad.

Among the most popular benefits is early access to THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride tickets, presented by Countertop Solutions. Members at the Brakeman level or above can receive early access for up to 18 tickets dependent on membership level.

More information about membership options can be found at or by emailing .

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