Murder Mystery

Who Dunnit? Onboard, role-play as suspects and detectives. Uncover clues left at the crime scene and interrogate each other. Everyone will get a chance to solve the crime and interact with professional actors. The theme changes each trip. Each guest who correctly solves the mystery is awarded the Super Sleuth Certificate. Costumes encouraged.

Recommended for passengers ages 14 and over.

Dates and Departure Times Coming Soon!

Murder Mystery is an excursion on The Cleveland Dinner & Event Train, proudly presented by:

Seating Options

Note: these excursions will have a handicap-accessible car with a wheelchair lift. Passengers requiring wheelchair access should select seating in “ADA Coach” when purchasing tickets.


Seating in a vintage premium first class car. Each section provides a table between two pairs of padded seats.

Ticket Price: $62

Table Car

Seating in a vintage dining car. Seats are sold individually from sections of four-top dining tables and chairs.

Ticket Price: $62


Seating in a standard coach car in blocks of four (two seats facing two seats).

Ticket Price: $52