All Aboard! Explore Your Park

Get out and explore your park! There are so many activities to do, and the Ohio & Erie Canalway Towpath Trail and the Cuyahoga River conveniently runs parallel to the train tracks.

Whether you’re biking, kayaking, running or hiking through the park, you can flag down and board the train at any of our stations throughout the day and ride back for a one-way fee or by using your Explorer pass when you board.

For the Explorer train schedule, please visit the National Park Scenic page.

The Explorer Program is proudly presented by:

Bike Aboard

Bike the trails one way and ride the train back (or vice versa). We load your bike for you!

$5 one-way fee


Kayak Aboard

Kayak the Cuyahoga River and ride the train back to your starting point.

$10 for single-seater, $15 one-way for a double-seater


Hike & Run Aboard

Hike or run  your way through the park, and when you’re ready you can flag down the train to head back.

$5 one-way fee


Tickets for May, June and July are on sale now. We are currently operating with strict stringent safety practices and procedures. Please read our note on COVID-19 safety.