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Visitor Safety & Policies


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Breakfast Along the Cuyahoga

Come on board and enjoy breakfast on the train while traveling through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

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Safety is our top priority. Please review these policies before you ride.


Know the signs and call our dispatcher at 330-388-6662 if something seems unusual. If you see something, say something.

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General Safety Policies

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On-board Train Safety

  • Never attempt to board or exit a moving train
  • Watch your step when boarding and de-boarding the train and hold on to the train car hand rails
  • Use seat backs to steady yourself while walking through train
  • Watch your step when walking through the train, the vestibules can be very slippery

Safety at the Station

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your departure time
  • Watch your step when at any of our stations i.e. on the stairs, the platform or around the station
  • Stay behind all yellow lines on the ground so you are in a safe area away from the train & tracks
  • NEVER go under a train for any reason PERIOD
  • NEVER go up close, to a moving or non-moving train, you never know when they will move
  • Stay back 25’ Feet when taking pictures because your depth perception is not the same when looking through a camera or a phone camera
  • Help children during boarding and de-boarding the train
  • Do not put coins on the track, it is unsafe and illegal

Miscellaneous Safety

Oxygen on the Train: Oxygen is permitted on board the train, but there is no storage space for oxygen tanks. All oxygen tanks brought on the train must stay at the seat with the passenger. Very few of our train cars have electrical outlets, and we cannot guarantee access to an electrical outlet. We also cannot take responsibility for outlets being powered the entire trip. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests to sit near an outlet, but passengers should come prepared with enough oxygen to last at least the entire 3 to 6 hour trip, if not the whole day.

Foot Wear: Due to the continuous movement of passenger coaches and thresholds between passenger coaches, it is highly recommended that proper footwear be worn by all train passengers. We recommend rubber sole shoes or tennis shoes be worn. Open toed sandals, high heels, or flip flops should NOT be worn onboard the train for your safety. Bike Aboard passengers should wear appropriate shoes with toes and heels enclosed while onboard the train.

ADA Rail Cars: We do offer a train car that is ADA accessible, with a hydraulic lift to board and deboard passengers in wheel chairs. There is also a handicap accessible restroom in the ADA train car. Please call our customer service office at 1-800-468-4070 ext. 240 to book a ticket.

Candles: Due to Safety concerns there is no open flames allowed on the train. i.e. Candles for birthdays, events etc.


Explorer Program! Policies & Procedures

Read these policies and procedures before you bring your bike aboard the train.

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The Explorer Program fee is $5 per person (Ages 3+.) Fee is valid one way and only available in Bike car.

For Hikers and Runners, the fee is also $5 per person for one-way ride. Availability may be limited.

A Season Pass is $60 per person 

Boarding Policies

  • The train can be flagged down at any of our boarding stations by waving both arms over your head.
  • Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before departure time. The train schedule can be viewed online at cvsr.org. Look under the “Book Tickets” tab and select “Bike Aboard”.
  • Pay your fare or present your season pass upon boarding. Exact change is appreciated.


To help us efficiently load your bike and remain on schedule you will need to be prepared with the following upon the train’s arrival:

  • Know your destination before boarding. We arrange bikes according to stops.
  • Remove everything from your bike (Water bottles, helmets, saddle bags, etc.)
  • Tag-a-longs must be detached before presenting your bike for loading. Tag-a-longs will be loaded separately.
  • Only EMPTY Passenger trailers are accepted.
  • Trailers should be detached and all bags and supplies removed before loading.

Motorized Vehicles

CVSR will allow mobility assisted motorized bicycle. However, CVSR reserves the right to refuse to load a motorized bicycle due to weight restrictions. Any bicycle weighing over 40 pounds or that cannot be safely lifted by 2 Bike Aboard employees, will not be permitted on board.

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