Murder Mystery

We want to remind our guests that CVSR falls under Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. Guests, volunteers, and staff are required to wear masks until further notice when on the train, unless they are eating or drinking, and at any of our facilities.

Who Dunnit? On board, role-play as suspects and detectives. Uncover clues left at the crime scene and interrogate each other. Everyone will get a chance to solve the crime and interact with professional actors. The theme changes each trip. Each guest who correctly solves the mystery is awarded the Super Sleuth Certificate. Costumes encouraged. Recommended for passengers ages 14 and over.

At a Glance:

  • 2-hour-roundtrip
  • Departure from Rockside Station at 6:30 p.m.
  • Ticket includes appetizers, water and program
  • Snacks and drinks available for purchase from the concession car for an additional cost
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Murder Mystery is an excursion on The Cleveland Dinner & Event Train, proudly presented by:

January 21 – Fitness Can Be Murder 

The Steam Room at Billy’s Pump and Press is now a crime scene. Billy was the last one to use it late in the second shift, and was found there steamed to death. The thermostat had been set to boiling, and the door had been blocked from the outside. Trapped like a weasel in a kettle! Prize for the best workout costume will be awarded.

February 18 – Oscar Madness

Moments after Heart Stone accepted her Oscar for Whatever Happened to Baby Ruth?, her loser, has-been husband smacked her in the face on stage. He was later run down by a black limousine. Duh . . . who in Hollywood does not drive a black limo? Fashion critic Joan Waters investigates the Red Carpet celebrities to see just who is “mad about Oscar.” Prize for the best Red Carpet costume will be awarded.

March 18 – Shamrocks in Old Chicago

The Market Street gang was a group of Irish lads who were expert pickpockets and sneak thieves. As adults, they’ve expanded into illegal gambling, extortion, robbery, and murder. Finnegan Manor is the home base for their ruthless power, and the Billiards Room is splattered in blood. Faith and begorrah! Prize for the best Roaring 20’s costume will be awarded.

April 22 – The Jack of Diamonds Caper

The “Sgt. Pepper” generation finds us in Monaco on the French Riviera during the annual Gran Prix. The Casino de Monte Carlo is the place for money laundering and murder. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and a Ferrari exchanged hands during a high-stakes poker game. This is a case for — BOND. Prize for the best 1960’s costume will be awarded.

May 13 – Murder on the High C’s*

Those smoke-belching iron horses called trains are not nearly as clean and safe as river paddleboats – until last night. That’s when Scotland Yard was found dead in his cabin on the Boiler Deck by his ex-wife, opera star Julie Yard. Someone on board hopes to “get away with murder.” Prize for the best 1890’s costume will be awarded.

*Steam in the Valley event. Tickets $65.


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