Murder Mystery

Due to the recent court ruling, effective immediately, CVSR will no longer require masks for guests while on the train and while at our boarding stations.

Who Dunnit? Onboard, role-play as suspects and detectives. Uncover clues left at the crime scene and interrogate each other. Everyone will get a chance to solve the crime and interact with professional actors. The theme changes each trip. Each guest who correctly solves the mystery is awarded the Super Sleuth Certificate. Costumes encouraged. Recommended for passengers ages 14 and over.

At a Glance:

  • 2-hour-roundtrip
  • Tickets range from $50 -$60 per person
  • Departure from Rockside Station at 6:30 p.m.
  • Departure during Steam in the Valley is from Rockside Station at 7:30 p.m.
  • Ticket includes appetizers, water and program
  • Snacks and drinks available for purchase from the concession car for an additional cost
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Murder Mystery is an excursion on The Cleveland Dinner & Event Train, proudly presented by:

May 13 – Murder on the High C’s*

Those smoke-belching iron horses called trains are not nearly as clean and safe as river paddleboats – until last night. That’s when Scotland Yard was found dead in his cabin on the Boiler Deck by his ex-wife, opera star Julie Yard. Someone on board hopes to “get away with murder.” Prize for the best 1890’s costume will be awarded.

June 3 – For the Love o’ Pete

Wealthy horse owner Sawyer Bucks wasn’t above rigging the race so that his new 3-year old, “The Love o’ Pete,” would win. But his behind-the-barn scheme backfired, and now Sawyer is dead from a horse tranquilizer in his mint julep!
Costume prize for Best Derby Hat will be awarded.

July 1 and 22 РFuneral for a Clown 

Peanut the Clown was everyone’s favorite circus clown. His Grand Finale act was being shot live out of a cannon. But someone sabotaged the safety net, sending Peanut to his death. Apparently, he wasn’t everyone’s favorite.
Prize for Best Circus Costume will be awarded.

*Steam in the Valley event. Tickets $65.

Seating Options

Premium/First Class

Ticket Price: $60

Table Car

Ticket Price: $60

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